Royal Destiny Perfume Boutique is a Kagiso based business. Since its establishment in 2014 the company has been involved in the manufacturing of perfume and other scented personal care products




  • To be the number one pefume company in South Africa and ultimately the world




  • To provide the the best perfume and other scented products at affordable prices




  • Quality


Quality is the driving force of our organisation that keeps us ahead of our competitors, our quality control analyst exercises comprehensive quality checks over every process so that only premium products would be delivered to customers


  • Customer Satisfaction


We are a company that believes that the customers pure satisfaction is a true asset of any organisation, hence our endeavors are focused to delight customers in all possible ways through quality products and matchless service. 


  • Integrity


We treat customers the way we would want to be treated. We never let profit centred conflicts get in the way of doing what is right for the customer. We give customers a good and fair deal. Great customer relationships take time, we do not maximize short term profit at the expense of building enduring relationships




  • Perfumed roll on
  • Perfumed foam bath
  • Perfumed body lotion
  • Perfumed hand lotion
  • Perfumed shower gel
  • Perfumed air freshener
  • Perfumed hand wash soap
  • Perfumes for men and women


At Royal Destiny Perfume Boutique we are committed to creating value for our customers at affordable prices. Our passion in manufacturing allows us to offer the best quality perfumed products at inexpensive prices